Our team

Our greatest asset is our team: A group of highly qualified professionals, with a wide technical experience in the petrochemical industry.

Our professionals and technical staff can engage and develop complex projects, combining IT with our vast experience in the petrochemical industry.


This degree of professionalism and expertise is held on four pillars:

  • Highly technical team.
  • Wide experience.
  • Our management is concerned about continuous training, advancement, and promotion of our employees.
  • Teamwork.

We have a light and flexible stucture which allows us quick decision making and fast response time. For all of the above, its really important to highlight BiTherm's full capacity of operation in all steps of the productive chain: design, prototyping, testing, mass production, marketing, warranty service, manteinance, and support.Teamwork

We have duplicated our staff in the last few years, strengthening our engineering resources, as well as creating new departments as a response to the recent innovations in the market, in which BiTherm has played a main role. Such is the case of the Department of Intesive Maintenance. This team's work is centered on the modern society's demand for energy efficency, reduction of CO2 emmisions and environmental protection. This is demonstrates the company's adaptability to the industry's current needs.

BiTherm has a firm bet on continuous investment in R&D with the purpose of coming out with new products. Staying close to our clients and using their feedback as our main input is bound to guarantee our success. Innovation is the future of any company, securing its stability and growth.